Seventh Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Christensen


o      Notebook

o      Folder

o      Pencil

o      Pen

o      Colored Pen (NO RED!!)

o      A.R./Free Reading book


Additional Materials: (to stay in classroom)

o      Spiral notebook

o      Clorox Wipes



1.     Follow directions

2.   Complete work on time

3.   Respect fellow classmates

4.   Raise your hand and wait to be called on

5.   Stay on task

6.   Respect other people’s property

7.   Always do your best


Absence Policy

o      See me, Mrs. Christensen, as soon as possible

o      If you know you are going to be gone, see me right away.

o      Otherwise, see me right away during homeroom the day you get back.


Grading Scale:

o      The grading scale is posted on the cabinet door.

o      Late work will go down a percentage for each day it is late.


*If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Christensen*

This syllabus is subject to change